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Ten Habits of People Who Always Have a Clean Home

For some, keeping a clean home can feel daunting, but for others like myself, it has become second nature. Have I always been this way? Absolutely not. But by making way for new routines, my everyday life at home has shifted for the better. So, if you consider yourself a messy person and would like to trial what life is like in a calm, organised home, why not adopt these 10 habits of tidy people.

  1. They make their bed every morning

No reason to make your bed if you’re just going to unmake it tonight, right? Wrong. Making your bed every morning makes your entire bedroom appear more orderly. Plus, this is a chance for you to literally put yesterday to bed and make way for the opportunities of a new day.

  1. They always put clothes away

As tempting as it is to chuck clothes on the floor after a long day before slipping into your favourite pyjamas, try to instead place your worn clothes either straight in the laundry basket, or back in your wardrobe, without any exception. It takes less time to get dressed every day and your house is kept in order.

Making your bed is a good way to start the day. Photo:Dust Jacket

  1. They clean as they cook

Cooking can, at times, feel like a marathon, particularly when the kitchen is left looking like a bomb has hit after you’re done. The key to maintaining an organised kitchen is multitasking while you cook; toss away scraps when you’re waiting for something to fry, wash or place dirty dishes in the dishwasher as the meal is cooking in the oven, and wipe down surfaces that you’ve finished using along the way. Before you know it, come serving time, the kitchen is almost sparkling.

  1. They empty the dishwasher in the morning

By attending to the dishwasher every morning, you’re ensuring that all dishes are clean and back in their place before the day really begins. This way, you can focus on the more important things when you get home, like what’s for dinner, rather than slaving away over dirty dishes stacked in the sink. Once dinner is done and dusted, run the dishwasher at the end of night and repeat.

Wiping down surfaces after every use helps prevent a build-up of grease and grime.

  1. They wipe down surfaces after every use

Whether you’re eating a meal at the dining table, brushing your teeth at the basin, or putting on make-up at your vanity – wipe down the surface you’re using after you’re done. This task only takes a minute and will keep all surfaces in your home clean and ready to be used again. Most importantly, you’ll also be preventing grease and grime from building up over time.

  1. They do a load of laundry regularly

Doing the laundry can be a tiresome task, however it’s an unavoidable one, so better to stay on top of it, rather than it on top of you. Washing clothes on a regular schedule not only means you’ll never run out of clean underpants, but it will also keep the dirty pile from becoming overwhelming. And who doesn’t want more clean outfit options at all times, right?

Washing is unavoidable so it’s best to stay on top of it. Photo:By Bruno

  1. They put things away where they belong

Messes happen all day long – there’s no avoiding it. However, putting things back where you’ve determined they live, helps keep each room in your home neat and tidy. As a bonus, this will also help everyone know where to find things as they are needed; no more freak outs over where you left the keys before stepping out and less time wasted asking where the “good scissors” are.

  1. They don’t procrastinate

When opening letters for example (or bills, rather), don’t just toss the envelope aside, chuck it away immediately. There’s no need to have piles of unnecessary paper lying around, so make sure to open all mail as it comes, then either action, file or bin each item on the spot. The same rule should apply to small messes and spills – bite the bullet and clean it up now, rather than later.

Vacuuming once a week will cause a positive domino effect. Photo:Plyroom

  1. They dust and vacuum regularly

I won’t bore you with all the facts (like how built up dust can ultimately effect your health or how dirty carpets will often have a shorter lifespan), but I will say this – making a point to dust and vacuum your home once a week will likely cause a positive domino effect and automatically make every other tip on this list come to you naturally.

  1. They straighten up before bed

Before you hit the hay at night make sure to do one last scan around your home; hang any used towels, set the dishwasher and tidy up the throws and cushions on the couch. This way, when you wake up in the morning, no mess from the day before sneaks into the new one, allowing you to start off fresh for the new day ahead.

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