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Why real estate photos are one job you don’t want to DIY

By Rikki Cook

Few sellers have the time – or budget – to let their property sit on the market. Most people want to sell their home fast and for a good price. Doing so, however, is all about give and take.

You want to improve the space, but not overcapitalise. You want to add significant value, but in a short amount of time.

To find this balance, many sellers find ways to get their home market ready at a low cost, taking on whatever tasks they can to save. There’s one job, however, you should leave to the pros: your photographs. While smart phones have some pretty impressive capabilities, they won’t get you the right shots. In today’s market, working with a photographer is key. Here’s why.

Standing out in a saturated market

Back in the ‘good old days’ you may have been able to sell your home with a small handful of images. That’s no longer the case today.

In the modern property market buyers are turning to the web to browse home listings. These users are inundated with a plethora of content, including images, videos and virtual reality tours. If your advertisement doesn’t include these features, you’ll likely lose out to those that do.

According to Market Leader, users will spend two seconds on a listing with no photos and 20 seconds on listings with photos. It follows naturally that the more imagery you have, the longer people will spend checking out your home online.

3 reasons to opt for professional photos

Not convinced just yet? Let’s take a look at three more reasons a professional photographer is a must.

1. Your ad will be more memorable

Sure, photos will get you views, but does that really mean anything? According to 3M corporation, yes. That’s because 90 per cent of information transferred to the brain is visual, meaning an image-heavy listing will be much more memorable than an ad with fewer or less attractive photos.

2. You might sell for more

Because buyers will instantly perceive your property as more valuable, you’ll be able to list it for higher and sell for more.

3. You’ll get better photos without the effort

Stop fluffing the pillows, washing the windows and put down the camera. Professional real estate photographers are skilled at making your home look more spacious and nice. They know how to use angles and position the furniture to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and consistent catalogue of images. By hiring out the job, you’ll get better pictures and save yourself a major hassle.

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